Beltone Hearing Aids

Founded in 1940, Beltone Hearing Aids is headquartered in Glenview, Illinois. They have created a global brand with a local focus to help the 48 million people in America who have hearing loss. This is a common problem that can happen to anybody and many different things can lead to this. Beltone has gathered relevant information on the subject of hearing loss by investing in research and development.

Hearing Solution Technology

Beltone has created hearing solutions that fit any lifestyle, outfitted with technology that make them more effective and convenient than ever before. They have made high-quality hearing care available to people by developing technically optimal hearing solutions. If you are wondering if your hearing is affected you can start by simply taking their Online Hearing Test. In under five minutes, the test will help you evaluate your hearing and detect a potential hearing problem. You can then decide if you need to take a comprehensive hearing test in the clinic.

Beltone Amaze

Beltone provides extensive training to their hearing care practitioners at over 1,500 Beltone locations nationwide, offering unparalleled service and support. They have created the finest hearing aid yet, the Beltone Amaze. This device is easy to use and offers a full remote fine-tuning service whenever needed. The Beltone Amaze has crystal-clear direct streaming to its hearing aids and discreet personalized control with the Beltone HearMax app and a rechargeable battery that lasts longer than there are hours in one day.

Principles & Belief

It is Beltone’s belief that no individual should be denied the possibility of an improved life with better hearing. To achieve this, Beltone bases its operations on a set of well-defined guiding principles:

  • Beltone is founded on care
  • The individual plays a role in everything Beltone does
  • Beltone clearly communicates the benefits of its solutions
  • The Hearing Care Professional is the key link between Beltone and the hearing-impaired person