39 Dollar Glasses


Affordable Vision Care

The Discount Vision Program 39 Dollar Glasses has been developed to provide affordable eye examinations and eyewear for Members. Members receive one comprehensive vision examination every 12 months, after a $20 exam deductible has been paid to the participating provider. If you go to a non-participating provider, you will pay for the exam at the time of service and then file a claim to receive a $20 reimbursement.

Discount Eyewear

Members and their families also receive a 20% discount1 off the usual and customary charges for eyewear at any of the participating providers at the time of service. There are no authorizations or claim forms required. In order to receive the discount benefit, members identify themselves as Discount Vision Program 39 Dollar Glasses members at time services are rendered. There are no limits to the number of times the discount can be used.