I like working at American Online Benefits Group because I get to sell the best health insurance in the industry and feel privileged to help people meet their healthcare coverage needs.  Also, I work with some of the brightest talent.

Adam Epstein

Adam Epstein

Licensed Health Insurance Agent - AOBG

We selected American Online Benefits Group to represent our company because they understand the high quality of the benefits we have to offer. They bring a winning combination of experience and commitment to excellence.

Mrs. Sherena

Mrs. Sherena

5Star Representative - 5STAR

Having been a member of this team since day one, it has been great to watch the company thrive and grow.

I enjoy working for a boss who has everyone’s best interest at heart. He truly cares about the well-being of his employees and puts forth his best efforts to take care of everyone. I appreciate being a member of the AOBG team and seeing all the new employees that continue to join us as we grow each year.

Jami Lovejoy

VP of Marketing - AOBG

I have learned so much since starting with AOBG and have been given the opportunity to see how my career in web development can prosper. I love being a part of a team that takes pride in working together and working towards the mission of being a leader in the healthcare industry.

Also, my job is super fun and I love that!

Kole Hohenberger

Web Developer - AOBG

I enjoy working with a team of people who are motivating and supportive of one another. It takes everyone’s input to keep the business thriving and each person takes responsibility to do their part which makes things easy and fun.

Working at AOBG gives me the opportunity to utilize my creative writing skills and allows me the opportunity to write about various topics that are of interest in the healthcare industry.

Daphyne Lovejoy

Content Specialist - AOBG

Working at AOBG is rewarding and challenging. We are a team of upbeat and motivated individuals who come together to achieve goals daily.

The success we achieve, we do so together, through teamwork, accountability and a “can’t lose” approach that forces you to rise up and strive to be better every day!

Vince Kleszcz

Director of Sales - AOBG