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We provide individuals with the level of coverage needed to meet their specific needs.

Individual health insurance plans have many advantages. American Online Benefits Group has numerous options for individuals to choose based on their lifestyle demands and their budget. Multiple products can be bundled together to create the perfect benefit package for any individual we serve.

Benefits of Individual Insurance

Coverage You Need

We customize an insurance plan that tailors to your healthcare needs. We specialize in building a personalized plan for each individual by combining products that fit your lifestyle.

Prices You Can Afford

We offer products that are affordable to individuals, with numerous options to accommodate any budget. Individuals can choose the products which comfortably meet their means.

Select Your Deductible

You know about your health and wellness best. This is why we offer products in which it is optional for you to select your annual deductible to control the cost of your monthly premium.

Association Membership

We offer products which allow access to an association membership. Within this membership, you receive access to additional added benefits, discounts and resources.


We provide the ability to customize health insurance for individuals that best suits your lifestyle. Your policy remains with you should you change jobs, gives you affordable options, and is a way for you to take advantage of creating a personalized plan that’s just right for you.

Take Advantage

It is important to take advantage of the opportunity to customize an affordable health insurance plan for yourself.

Personalized Plan

Select the benefits which best meet your healthcare and lifestyle needs along with your budget.

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Personalized Healthcare Coverage

We understand the importance of maintaining good health. You now have the ability to financially protect yourself in the event you become ill or suffer an injury.

American Online Benefits Group is here to help you select the most affordable plan with the best coverage to fit your needs.