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Aspirin and Heart Attack Prevention

For decades, millions of people have been advised to take aspirin daily to help prevent a heart attack. However, a recent study issued by Harvard advi...

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Wellness 360: Benefits That Work Together

Wellness 360 is a preventative and wellness solution utilizing the First Health PPO Network, providing access to the Script Care pharmacy network and ...

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Pin Paws Plus: A Bundled Discount Pet Plan

Whether you have one dog or six cats, Pin Paws Plus is the pet plan for you. Pin Paws originated with the idea of helping lost pet become reunited qui...

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Rx Valet- Discount Prescriptions & Diabetic Supply Program

A solution to saving time and money on prescription drugs: Rx Valet In the healthcare market today, it seems as though pharmaceutical companies stay i...

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Term Life Insurance: HD Term Life 360

At American Online Benefits Group we have launched a new term life insurance policy as one of the Health Depot Association benefits: HD Term Life 360....

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dentist chair

The Importance of Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is an affordable benefit and a healthy choice similar to exercising, eating properly and getting enough sleep. There are many perks t...

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CVS MinuteClinics: Avoiding ER Costs

It is all too often people neglect a sign or symptom of illness in hopes of avoiding ER costs. Individuals may ignore a lingering headache, a muscle s...

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vitamins and vegetables

The ABCs of Vitamins

Some may find it overwhelming when deciding which vitamins to take. Each has a different purpose, dosage requirement and best method of intake for abs...

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Family at the Beach

Protection from the Sun

As one of the largest star in the Universe continues to burn bright after 6-billion years, there is a continued need to find protection from the poten...

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Benefits of AD&D with Critical Illness

At American Online Benefits Group, we take pride in educating our members and agents on the products we offer. In maintaining our ethical compliance s...

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