Graphic with finger reaching out and touching the words Core Values

Our Mission

It is the mission of American Online Benefits Group to partner with top brokers and agents to provide customers with access to a variety of valuable product plans expanding access to high-quality, cost-efficient healthcare. In carrying out this objective, we strive to preserve the reputation that we have built upon our high ethical standards and dedication to excellent customer experience.

Core Values


Pledge to maintain a consumer-based focus, with the drive to offer affordable products and plans to meet the needs of all.


Uphold our strong moral values, with honest and ethical standards, keeping our promise to fulfill compliance obligations.

Customer Service

Provide continued positive customer experiences to agents and members, acting with insight, understanding, and compassion.


Continue to climb as a leader in developing products to improve access to quality care for consumers while increasing financial prosperity for our agents and partners.


Inspired to exploring and creating innovative products as the revolution of health insurance continues to change and grow.