Travel Assist Plus: Emergency Medical Travel Assistance

Travel Assist Plus: Emergency Medical Travel Assistance

Medical helicopter providing medical transportation

Travel Assist Plus provides members with 24/7 access to critical, medical, global travel assistance services when you are 100 miles or more away from your home! While Travel Assist Plus is not medical or travel insurance, it compliments your health plan by providing access to services not otherwise provided by your basic health carrier.  

Product Overview 

Travel Assist Plus helps members recover out-of-pocket costs associated with medical emergencies when traveling from home. With one membership for the family, each medical emergency global travel assistance benefit is available 24/7. Do you live in the United States and are traveling to New Zealand? You’re covered. New Mexico? You’re covered. New Hampshire? You’re covered. As long as you are 100 miles from home, you are able to access this umbrella of benefits to help protect your pocketbook and help you return home with medical transportation aid.

Services Included

Travel Assistance – 24/7 Hour Medical Emergency Assistance

As a Travel Assist Plus member, you have access to a wide range of benefits when traveling over 100 miles from your permanent place of residence and the trip duration is greater than 90 consecutive days or less if an accidental injury or sickness commences during the covered trip.

Travel Assistance includes:

  • 24-Hour Domestic and International Information Service
  • Evacuation & Medically Necessary Repatriation Combined Coverage up to $100,000
  • Transportation of Mortal Remains Up to $20,000
  • Transportation of Traveling Companion up to $5,000
  • Transportation of Dependent Children up to $5,000
  • Vehicle Return, Medical Monitoring, Insurance Coordination, and much more.

Emergency Evacuation is defined as the participant incurs an accidental injury or sickness requiring medical assistance not otherwise available, the assistance company will help, if needed, with arranging an emergency medical evaluation to the nearest facility capable of providing adequate care.

Medically Necessary Repatriation refers to the time after initial treatment and stabilization occur. If the attending physician deems further care medically necessary, arrangements will be made to transport the Participant back to his or her place of permanent residence for continued care.

Helicopter EmergencyNo Deductible, Family Coverage

In the event of a life-threatening, Certified Injury resulting from an accident that requires emergency medical transportation by helicopter in accordance with local EMS protocols, Travel Assist Plus members will be reimbursed up to $7,000 with no deductible per occurrence.

Helicopter Emergency includes:

  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Dependents Over 14 Days Old and Under the Age of 18
  • Transportation from Accident Site to the Nearest Medical Facility
  • Coverage from Travel More than 100 Miles from Home, 90 Consecutive Days or Less
  • Transportation from One Medical Facility to Another

Air AmbulanceGlobal Response

Acute care air transportation when a medical emergency occurs is key for navigating how to receive medical care from trained professionals in the air. You or your covered dependents are transported to the hospital of your choice by a dedicated medical aircraft, equipped with doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists.

From the moment a member contacts the Air Ambulance service, a team of seasoned experts sprint into motion and immediately begin all necessary coordination of security and medical transport needs.

Air Ambulance includes:

  • 24/7 Medical Service Hotline
  • Pre-Trip Planning Assistance
  • Dedicated Patient Advocacy
  • Arranged Medical Transport
  • Worldwide Medical Evacuation
  • Medical Aircraft with ICU-Equipped Jets
  • Completed 200,000 Missions Spanning 150 Countries

Telemedicine$0 Consult Fees, Unlimited

The global pandemic definitely made the world of telemedicine expand. Being able to receive medical care from the comfort of your own home gives individuals greater access to care and the ability to treat their medical condition from anywhere in the world. Reducing costs related to ER and office visits is possible by talking to a Board-certified physician over the phone or through video chat.

Telemedicine includes:

  • 24/7 Virtual Healthcare
  • Treat over 70% of Acute Medical Conditions
  • S. Board-Certified Physicians
  • Prescriptions Sent to Local Pharmacies if Needed

Medical RecordsLife-Saving Emergency Health Information

A Personal Health Record System to add, edit and store life-saving emergency contact and medical information. In the event of an unforeseen accident, this information is available via a wallet card or wearable device to provide you with the best emergency care possible.

Medical Records includes:

  • 24/7 Access by Emergency Medical Personnel
  • Upload and Share Important Documents
  • Manage Multiple Family Members from One Account
  • Dedicated QR Code with Embedded ID#

If you personally travel often, are a travel agent, or for other reasons are interested in receiving the benefits included in Travel Assist Plus, contact our American Online Benefits Team today at 214-389-9072.

This program is NOT insurance coverage, not intended to replace insurance, and does not meet the minimum creditable coverage requirements under the Affordable Care Act.

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