What is Telemedicine?

What is Telemedicine?

Sick woman wrapped in a blanket with a tissue at her nose and looking at a doctor through her computer screen

Telemedicine was originally created to treat patients who lived in remote areas, away from hospitals and medical facilities. These areas also represented places where access to even a single practicing medical professional was difficult due to location. Through the advancements in technology over the years, the doors have opened wide to now having 24/7 access to medical care via phone or video conferencing.

Telemedicine provides users with a way to remotely connect with live doctors at any time, from anywhere.

The uses of telemedicine encompass a long list of ailments which can be treated virtually by a primary care physician. Doctors are able to remotely evaluate, diagnose and treat patients anytime, and from any location. A few acute diagnoses that are beneficial to utilizing telemedicine include allergies, sore throat, sprains & strains, rashes, UTIs, insect bites, diarrhea, vomiting and much more. A secondary use of telemedicine by doctors is to continue treatment from afar to ensure continuity of care. Examples of continuity of care include post-hospitalization follow-ups, chronic diagnosis management, elderly support to avoid hospitalizations, drug administration training, and pre-natal/post-natal care.

The use of this service is for any minor yet urgent illness or injury without making a trip to the ER spending unnecessary time in the waiting room, while saving money with a minimal co-pay for access.

The use of telemedicine is a powerful way to avoid unnecessary spending on healthcare while increasing access to medical care for individuals. The quality of care a patient receives is improved through this benefit as a general practitioner can consult with a specialist and determine the most appropriate and effective treatment for a patient. Without this ability, patients could be waiting for months to get an appointment with a specialist in which their condition may deteriorate, ultimately increasing their overall healthcare costs.

Ultimately, telemedicine has developed into a powerful tool to assist patients ability to access the care of a doctor. This service also provides cost containment on healthcare services and improves the quality of life of individuals seeking follow-up management or specialist care.

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