Pin Paws Plus: A Bundled Discount Pet Plan

Multiple Pet Photo

Whether you have one dog or six cats, Pin Paws Plus is the pet plan for you. Pin Paws originated with the idea of helping lost pet become reunited qui...

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Voluntary Pet Benefits for Employer Groups

Close up portrait, focus on dog, golden retriever. Cropped image, smiling bearded man with sunglasses, taping friendly the soft fur of his pet.

With enrollment available year-round, offering pet insurance as an employee benefit continues to be a hit. Pin Paws has built three unique pet product...

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whiskerDocs: The 24/7 Pet Help Line

Dog awakening from anesthesia after tumor surgery. Ill labrador retriever in veterinary clinic.

Pet Telehealth: You have pets, whiskerDocs has answers! People are becoming more familiar with telemedicine which became popular in the late 1960s. NA...

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Pin Paws Pet Insurance and More


In 2017, the idea of Pin Paws was born. It has since developed into several beneficial pet products, including Pin Paws Pet Care. With over 200,000 pe...

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