AirMed helicopter ambulance in flight through the mountains

AirMed: The Fastest Way to Recovery

Has it ever crossed your mind how you or a loved one would receive access to emergent medical care should you find yourself miles and miles from a loc...

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Group of affiliate workers association members of different ages and races

Affiliated Workers Association Membership

Who would benefit from an Affiliated Workers Association membership? To some people, the “American Dream” means becoming a big shot Fortune 500 busin...

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Digital graphic with a lock and coded numbers and letters in an overlay

Identity Theft Protection with CyberScout

In this day and age, more and more businesses are conducting sales transactions online. With the click of a button, Amazon Prime will have an item at ...

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Sick woman wrapped in a blanket with a tissue at her nose and looking at a doctor through her computer screen

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine was originally created to treat patients who lived in remote areas, away from hospitals and medical facilities. These areas also represen...

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Man's hand touching hundreds of dollars

Benefits of Short Term Health Insurance

Many Americans are facing the burden of high health insurance premiums, forced to either pay a hefty dollar amount or risk going without coverage. The...

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Doctor in a lab coat with blue tie and stethoscope around his neck

Hospital Indemnity Plan Benefits

If you have ever experienced the unfortunate incident of spending time in the hospital due to illness or injury, you are aware of the secondary worry ...

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