Emergent Assist: Medical Travel Assistance Program

Emergent Assist: Medical Travel Assistance Program

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Emergent Assist is an affordable emergency program that combines several travel assistance benefits. Whether you suffer injury or illness while away from home requiring medical helicopter transportation, need medical assistance to return home or are looking for a membership to retain all your medical records for quick reference in case of emergency, this program has you covered.

With pandemic restrictions beginning to lift, and optional vaccinations, the doors to travel are opening, whether that’s by plane, train, or automobile. However, people may continue to be hesitant to travel due to the health risks, which is where Emergent Assist steps in to help.

Four Emergency Travel Benefits, One Membership

Emergent Assist includes the following benefits:

  • Helicopter Emergency
  • Travel Assistance Program
  • AirMed
  • ICE Tracer

There are two membership options to cover all persons in the home. Emergent Assist covers up to three members while Emergent Assist Plus covers up to 10.

Helicopter Emergency

Emergency medical transportation by helicopter in the event of a Certified Injury.

In the event an eligible member suffers from a Certified Injury resulting from an accident that requires Emergency Medical Transportation by helicopter in accordance with local EMS protocols, the program will reimburse the Insured or Provider up to a maximum of $7,000.00 with no deductible per occurrence.

This coverage is available worldwide for dependents at least 14 days of age and under 18. If helicopter transportation is required due to a life-threatening emergency or deemed medically necessary, reimbursement includes expenses incurred from the helicopter transportation from the scene of an accident to the nearest medical facility capable of treating the injuries, or helicopter transportation from one medical facility to another medical facility.

Travel Assistance Program

Assistance with emergency evacuation and medically necessary repatriation.

Through the Travel Assistance Program, when traveling more than one hundred (100) miles from permanent place of Residence, with a trip duration of ninety (90) consecutive days or less, benefits are available if an accidental illness or sickness commences during the covered trip. Members receive Evacuation and Repatriation coverage combined up to $100,000.

Emergency Evacuation

In the event of an accidental injury or sickness requiring medical assistance not otherwise available, the designated company will help to arrange an emergency medical evacuation to the nearest facility capable of providing adequate care.

Medically Necessary Repatriation

After initial treatment and stabilization, if the attending physician deems further care medically necessary, arrangements will be made to transport the member back to his or her place of permanent residence for continued care.


Around the clock and around the globe, lifesaving air medical transport is there for you.

Have you gotten the post-pandemic itch and travelled halfway around the globe? Do you have a plan of action if a medical emergency occurs? It’s a frightening situation that happens all too often. Wherever you are and whatever the medical need, you have seamless access to the highest level of acute care provided by the leading air medical company in North America.

AirMed transports you or your covered dependents to the hospital of your choice as quickly as possible. AirMed maintains a fleet of dedicated medical aircraft — ICU-equipped jets, all staffed with highly trained doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists. It offers the most experience in the industry, having completed 20,000-plus missions spanning 150 countries. It is the only provider with every major worldwide certification, including U.S. Department of Defense air carrier status.

Immediate, coordinated response

From the second you contact AirMed, a team of seasoned experts springs into motion. It immediately begins all necessary coordination of your medical, security or transport needs. You or your dependents are covered with these services 24/7/365:

  • Access to a medical consultant
  • Pre-trip planning assistance
  • Your choice of hospital
  • Dedicated patient advocacy
  • Arranged medical transport
  • Advice on security risks

Critical advantages

  • The fastest and safest transport – Founded on top-notch medical logistics across the globe
  • Worldwide medical evacuation – Transport back to the patient’s hospital of choice whether abroad or as close as 150 miles from home
  • Commercial medical assistance – For situations when a patient has the ability to travel commercially but requires medical assistance
  • 24/7 medical services hotline – On-call nursing staff answer medical-related questions day and night
  • Transportation of mortal remains – Even in the worst circumstances, count on AirMed for expert, compassionate logistics and care

ICE Tracer

Don’t leave your emergency treatment to chance!

ICE Tracer is a Personal Health Record System included with your membership that allows you to add, edit and store lifesaving emergency contact and medical information. In the event of an unforeseen accident, this information can be accessed by First Responders with a wallet card or other profile identifying marker. Members use their online profile to store emergency contact information along with vital medical conditions like allergies, pre-existing conditions, medications, and hospitalizations. First Responders will use this information to alert the member’s family of their current situation and condition.

Emergency Assist has you covered and gives you peace of mind as you finish packing those bags and head out to return to your jet setting ways. Protect yourself and your family in the event someone becomes ill or injured on your trip, requiring more invasive medical care than is available at your destination. Please contact or Agent or Member Services to receive more information at 214-389-9072.

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