Rx Valet- Discount Prescriptions & Diabetic Supply Program

Rx Valet- Discount Prescriptions & Diabetic Supply Program

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A solution to saving time and money on prescription drugs: Rx Valet

In the healthcare market today, it seems as though pharmaceutical companies stay in the news for driving up their prices on existing prescription drugs. The fact is, after the FDA approves a drug, there are minimal additional costs for research and development. Therefore, these price increases are irrational, causing Americans to skip a dose of their medication because of the cost, or not even fulfill the prescription, to begin with.

Rx Valet is a complete solution to paying less for high cost medications.

Rx Valet was created to offer a new level of service by assisting members in navigating the challenges of rising prescription drug costs. Consumers are constantly being bombarded with loss leaders, low cost promises on one medication, just to be overcharged for another. Insurance plans have recently re-structured co-payments and tiered prescriptions levels that are unfavorable to consumers.

Highlights of an Rx Valet Membership:

• Retail pick-up at over 67,000 locations
• Home Delivery- save up to 80% on many medications
• Prescription Assistance Program
• Diabetic Supply Program
• Pharmacy Advocacy Program
• Available in All 50 States
• Adults age 18 or above

Rx Valet shops and compares all national retailers and online services to find consumers the lowest price options.

How It Works:

1. Search for a Medication- After receiving a prescription, members simply search for the medication on the Rx Valet app or online. After locating the correct drug, dosage and quantity are added. The price is then populated with the option to pick up the medication at a retail pharmacy, or free Home Delivery.

2. Pay for the Medication with a Credit Card- After selecting the medication, the member is prompted to complete the purchase with a credit card. If the medication is not picked up or shipped the member can request a refund. Guaranteed!No questions asked!

3. Take Rx Valet Card to Your Pharmacy- If the member chooses to fill the prescription at a retail pharmacy, they will provide the pharmacist with their Rx Valet card and active prescription. The Rx Valet card is processed as an insurance card and there is nothing owed at the pharmacy. No co-pay or deductible.

4. Save More Through Home Delivery- For members utilizing the Home Delivery Service, more information will be obtained from the physician about the prescription request as well as the member’s current pharmacy. The order will be fulfilled and delivered, all occurring in usually no more than two days.

Rx Valet is committed to ensuring that no one goes without the medication they need as prescribed by their physician.

In addition to providing savings on prescription medications, Rx Valet has a Diabetic Supply Program. They offer an annual testing program or purchase as needed option. All of the products are shipped to the consumers home and no prescription is needed for OTC testing supplies. With each Diabetic Supply Program membership, a free fully talking blood glucose meter is included with the first order.

The Annual Diabetic Supply Program ships every three months and is available for 1 time a day testing, up to 6 times a day testing. Each package includes:

• 1 meter
• test strips
• 1 lancing device
• 1 bottle of control solution
• lancets

American Online Benefits Group offers Rx Valet for members, member plus spouse and a family plan. Please contact our agent or member services to receive more information at 214-389-9072.

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