Karis360: A Patient Advocacy Resource

Karis360: A Patient Advocacy Resource

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To most Americans, the healthcare marketplace presents itself as a big, scary monster. Knowing the best decisions to make for your health and pocketbook can be rather intimidating. The Karis Group has a way of putting its members’ minds at ease with patient advocacy support. Founded in 1996 and based in Austin, Texas, The Karis Group was created with the purpose to advocate before, during and after a healthcare event. The name “Karis” is from the Greek word meaning “grace”. It is with grace and kindness that the employees of Karis serve their members and clients.

The Karis Group is built on the vision to make healthcare work.

Services included with a Karis360 membership include:

* Healthcare Navigator

Karis360’s Health Navigator provides members with an Advisor to address healthcare questions and concerns. Healthcare Navigator services include, but are not limited to physician and healthcare facility searches, prescription cost search, health cost estimates, alternative medicine, laboratory and imaging services, elder care solutions, appointment scheduling, and Affordable Care Act answers. Each member receives patient advocacy support to help with each step of their healthcare journey.

* Surgery Saver

Preparing for an upcoming surgery can cause many to become nervous. From the procedure to the scheduling and cost, many members struggle with the news that surgery is needed. With Karis360, members have access to an experienced Advisor who will research up to five surgical facilities in the member’s area to get the best available price, quality, physician privileges and availability for non-emergency procedures. Providing patient advocacy to members can help reduce costs with members typically seeing nearly a $13,000 average savings opportunity through their Surgery Saver service.

Karis360 has seen a 66% cost difference for the same surgical procedure when researching facilities for its members.

* Bill Negotiator

One of the services offered by Karis is focused on reducing members’ out-of-pocket portion of medical bills, significantly benefiting self-pay patients as well as those with insurance. Most people are often left with a sizeable balance due caused by out-of-network charges. Karis works to lower these charges, thus helping reduce the cost of medical bills for families. Many hospitals and doctor’s office business hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If one has questions about their bills, they are usually forced to spend time during work dealing with their inquiries and concerns. The Karis360 patient advocacy program works directly with a member’s healthcare provider (doctor’s offices, hospitals, etc.) to help reduce medical costs responsibilities. With over twenty years of negotiating medical bills, Kais360 has seen an average of 80% savings on the out-of-pocket portion of medical bills.

With two-thirds of all bankruptcies in America due to medical bill debt, the Bill Negotiator becomes an important tool in avoiding financial hardship.

* Chaplaincy Services

Dealing with the healthcare marketplace after receiving a diagnosis can be difficult. Therefore, on-call Chaplains are available to spend time with members on the phone, listening and providing support and encouragement. They provide additional support when facing medical challenges aside from the financial business-side of Karis360’s services.

American Online Benefits Group offers products that include Karis360 as one of the Health Depot Association benefits. Please contact our agent or member services to receive more information at 214-389-9072.

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