Mouth Healthy


Guide to Dental Health

MouthHealthy is an oral wellness resource brought to you by the American Dental Association® and is the patient’s guide to dental health. Learn how to brush your teeth properly, floss for health, choose your dentist and more. You will find information on nutrition to keep your MouthHealthy, exploring which goods are good for dental health and those which are bad. Learn why water is the best drink for your teeth, along with ways to reduce your child’s sugary snacking.

Learn More Information

On the MouthHealthy website you can:
• Visit the Life Stages section to find information sorted by you or your family member’s stage of life for resources specific to age.
• Leverage the ADA Find-a-Dentist® tool to look up dental providers and find out information about the dentist and their practice, including address, payment options, insurance accepted, specialties and more.
• Find ADA® seal approved products so that you have confidence in the dental tools you are using.
• Get nutrition advice that can improve your oral and overall health.
• Review the Dental Visit FAQ section for advice on your next dental appointment and what to expect.
• Use A-Z Topics and Resources for easy to search reference materials sorted by alphabet or topic.