Hooray Health – An Assurance Company

Hooray Health - An Assurance Company

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Are you currently uninsured or paying more for health insurance while your health insurance plan is paying less? More Americans are finding it difficult to afford health insurance as the qualifications for subsidies has changed, leaving people without the assistance needed to afford a hefty monthly premium.

As the Gallup report notes, sign-ups on Healthcare.gov “peaked in 2016 at 9.6 million consumers [and then] declined by approximately 12.5%, to 8.4 million in 2019, based on recently released figures.”

Hooray Health is dedicated to providing access to affordable, basic health insurance plans for individuals and families for everyday medical needs utilizing their national network of retail clinics and urgent care centers.

Founder and CEO Shane Foss has been in the healthcare industry for over 25 years. He recognized that healthcare was becoming difficult to afford and harder to understand. For this reason, he started Hooray Health to accommodate the need for affordable, basic and urgent health care coverage, addressing the critical issues of cost and accessibility.

Hooray Health’s Promise

To provide healthcare services for everyday medical needs utilizing the Hooray Health national network of retail clinics and urgent care providers. They provide peace of mind for medical challenges facing individuals and families or anyone looking for affordable care.

The Milliman Medical Index projected that in 2018 the average annual premium for a family of four would be $28,166. This has continued to climb at an average of just over $100 per month for the last 10 years, predicting an estimated $29,366 in 2019.

Hooray Health’s Mission

To offer affordable health care alternatives or supplemental care to high-deductible health plans when urgent situations arise. They give peace of mind for lower-income individuals and families who face medical challenges and are unable to meet the demands of paying a high deductible to receive care.

The average annual deductible for unsubsidized individual plans was $4,578 and the average deductible for family plans was $8,803 in 2018 according to a data obtained from the 2018 Open Enrollment Period according to eHealth.com

Foss at Hooray Health has created a way to eliminate these financial burdens and make healthcare affordable to all. His plan is loaded with extra benefits and therefore provides solutions to maintain health and have access to care when needed.

Valuable Plan Features

• Low-Cost Basic Plans with No Annual Deductible
• $25 Pre-payment for In-Network Visits
• Over 2,400 Easy to Access Retail Clinics and Urgent Care Centers in 44 States
• Guaranteed Acceptance and Quick Coverage
• Mobile App for Apple and Android Phones
• 24/7 Hooray Health Telemedicine Service With No Consultation Fee
• Pharmacy Prescription Card
• Access to a Live Medical Concierge Team 24/7
• Outpatient Accident Visits

After paying the $25 pre-payment, there will be no surprise balance bills to pay.

Hooray Health Retail Clinic and Urgent Care Center Network

• Provides members access to common healthcare services of different levels.
• Thousands of provider locations right at your fingertips from your mobile device, desktop or laptop.

Retail Clinics

Clinics such as those offered in stores like CVS or Walmart, generally offer an option for faster, less complex needs. These needs include sore throats, earaches, general colds, vaccines, common exams, and limited screenings.

Urgent Care Centers

Facilities designed to meet patient care needs with more flexible hours than your typical primary care physician. These locations do not require an appointment and are great for avoiding a trip to the ER for non-life-threatening emergencies.

Supplemental In-Hospital

Provides access to a quality network of hospitals designed to treat more complex cases than the acute injuries and illnesses that urgent care or retail clinics can handle.

While high-deductible major medical plans may deter individuals and families from seeking the medical care they need, Hooray Health provides a supplemental plan removing the financial barriers and giving way to an affordable alternative.

American Online Benefits Group offers products that include Hooray Health as one of the benefits. Please contact our agent or member services to receive more information at 214-389-9072.

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