Affordable & Stylish Prescription Glasses

Affordable & Stylish Prescription Glasses

Little blonde haired boy with prescription glasses in place, covering one eye was developed by eye doctors to create an inexpensive method for people to acquire high-quality, finished prescription glasses.

Through personal experiences, the founders decided it would be more cost-efficient to establish an online store, helping their customers bypass expensive retail establishments.

The website includes useful information on how to read an ophthalmologists prescription. Examples are provided and instructions on how to correctly interpret and enter the information online to ensure that the eyeglasses are made exactly to the doctor’s specifications.

Helpful hints are included when reading a prescription:

• Your doctor may use a blank Rx pad.
• If you don’t see numbers in some of the boxes.
• It is common for the doctor to sometimes leave out the decimal point.
• If you have no astigmatism.
• Some common prescription abbreviations.

Learn How to Measure & Use Existing Frames

On the inside of your frame, there are three numbers that indicate three different frame measurements. The first number is the lens width. The second number is the bridge width and the third number is the temple length. For customers have already found the perfect face fitting lenses and want to use them with an updated prescription, has a re-lensing program. Customers can place their order online and they will be given an order number and instructions on how to send their lenses in for replacement. The frame is required to be mailed to the company as they custom cut the lenses to size.

The Various Lens Options

• Transitions ® Lenses- #1 brand of photochromic (“light changing”) lenses.
• Reading Glasses- prescription for close up distance (reading, computer use, phones, tablets).
• Glass Lenses- these lenses are not an option due to their greater potential for serious eye and face injury.
• Progressive Lenses (Varilux ®, etc.)- a gradual range of vision from distant to near, without a line bisecting the lens. has also taken on a social responsibility to provide eyewear for those who cannot afford it, most specifically children.

Through their work with the Lions Club International, they have donated over $600,000 worth of eyeglasses. They have also partnered with the New York City public schools, the Kress Vision Program and Helen Keller International. It is through the Helen Keller International that has donated over 500 new pairs of eyeglasses to children in need. The glasses that are donated are the same glasses they sell online, made from premium lenses and high-quality materials. Doctors recommend that children under 18 only use polycarbonate lenses, which uses.

Worry Free Warranty has a 100% Worry-Free Guarantee! They offer a 30-day full refund (less shipping), or a 90-day full exchange or store credit (with free return shipping). More details about their return policy can be found on their website.

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