Affiliated Workers Association Membership

Affiliated Workers Association Membership

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Who would benefit from an Affiliated Workers Association membership?

To some people, the “American Dream” means becoming a big shot Fortune 500 business owner. To others, the dream looks different. The dream may be to become an entrepreneur and own an art studio or to simply be self-employed and not have a boss to answer to. One’s “American Dream” may be to become a contract welder, or to own a coffee shop. Whatever path the dreamer decides to follow, the need for health insurance and benefits can leave them empty-handed. Unfortunately, when one does not work for a company that provides benefits, they must seek their own coverage. This is where an Affiliated Workers Associated membership becomes beneficial.

An association is made up of individuals who are small business owners, self-employed, independent contractors, and entrepreneurs.

There are multiple benefit options when you become a part of the Affiliated Workers Association. The medical benefits they offer include vision, dental, prescription, accident, fixed indemnity insurance, and short-term medical insurance.

Affiliated Workers Association has aligned several product options to meet the individual needs of their members. They have created AWA Advantage, a discount program with affordable monthly membership rate for individuals and their family at no extra cost. Examples of the non-health related discounts included in this plan are 24-Hour Roadside Assistance, Identity Theft Protection, Pet Care Savings Program, and much more. Health Care Discounts include hearing products and screenings from Beltone, Choose Healthy wellness program & fitness network, Cigna Dental discounts, Teledoc, Lab and Diagnostic testing discounts, EyeMed vision network savings and much more.

Additionally, the mentioned health care discounts can be purchased as individual plans which will include more coverage. AWA Clearview for vision and AWA Dental insurance plans are available for purchase. Focus First Eye Care offers steeper discounts on eye care and AWA Dental Plus is a fully insured dental plan that also includes an orthodontic benefit for dependent children to age 19. The dental PPO Network is one of the largest networks in the country.

The cost of prescriptions is highly regulated by pharmaceutical companies. There has been a lot of exposure pertaining to the outrageous costs of controlled medications in the news lately, including the Epi-pen and cancer-related treatments. Affiliated Workers Association provides a benefit to assist with alleviating the cost of generic drugs and preferred name drugs for a low member co-pay. Their SureScript Rx card typically saves a member 10% to 70%.

For those members in search of protection in the event of an accident, AWA ProtectAssist fits that need. This benefit includes all those listed above in the discount program, as well as benefits that help minimize out-of-pocket healthcare expenses specifically related to a covered accident, provide cash benefits toward medical services related to a covered accident, protect finances while dealing with a covered critical illness, all at an affordable price. Term life insurance is also included with three different option levels for an extra layer of family protection.

AWA Vital Edge includes fixed-benefit health insurance coverage in which members pay a set dollar amount for a covered healthcare service and do not have to worry about deductibles or co-pays. Members also have access to all the value-added benefits on the Affiliated Workers Association website.

The last benefit offered is Precise Choice Short Term Medical Insurance. This is meant for individuals and families who find themselves without major medical insurance for a short period of time. Members are able to choose the deductible, coinsurance, and term of length that best fits their needs. The value-added benefits are also included with this policy.

Affiliated Workers Association has a variety of benefit options to fit the needs of individuals and their families in the event they do not have access to healthcare coverage.

Being part of an association reaps many rewards and perks at very affordable rates. At American Online Benefits Group, we offer health care products that include a membership to the Affiliated Workers Association. Please contact our agent or member services to receive more information at 214-389-9072.

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