Pin Paws Plus: A Bundled Discount Pet Plan

Pin Paws Plus: A Bundled Discount Pet Plan

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Whether you have one dog or six cats, Pin Paws Plus is the pet plan for you.

Pin Paws originated with the idea of helping lost pet become reunited quicker with their owners while eliminating the need for them to be scanned for a microchip. Our lost-pet notification tag was developed, with an online pet profile for storing important information and vet records. When a lost pet is found, their profile can be accessed by scanning the dedicated QR code on the back of the tag, calling our 24/7 Customer Service line, or visiting and entering the member ID number listed on the tag. At the same time the profile is accessed, the owner gets a text message of the geo-location of where their pet was scanned. This accelerates the amount of time it takes for a lost pet and their owner to be reunited. While our Pin Paws pet tag is a nice compliment to the microchip, it comes in handy on that late Saturday night when a dinner guest lets Max out the front door and he’s lost after business hours.

Bundled within this pet plan are three other products that add great value. By now we have all heard about telemedicine for humans, well, there is also telehealth for pets. whiskerDocs provides 24/7 pet telehealth via phone, chat or email. When it is midnight and Fluffy has eaten a whole chocolate bar, imagine the money saved by picking up the phone and connecting with a vet expert rather than jumping in the car and racing to the emergency clinic. The ER vet will likely tell you what signs and symptoms to monitor for and hand you a $350 bill. Making a phone call to receive the same advice sounds more practical and affordable. Should something more tragic have happened, you would then be advised to in fact seek emergency medical care.

whiskerDocs Testimonial:

“I spoke to Dr. Tracy about Carrie and her ear infection. I felt as if I was sitting in the office with Dr. Tracy discussing the problem. She took the time to explain every detail that I need to know to help resolve this problem.”- Karen R., New Jersey

Prescription and preventative medications are expensive. Veterinarians charge upwards of $150 for one 6-month supply of Trifexis. How is this affordable for an owner of one, if not more dogs? Pin Paws Plus has also included within their discount bundled pet plan a membership to Rx Valet for Pets. Trifexis through their website is $104. This significant savings is also available for medications for animals who have diabetes and other more involved illnesses.

Wigglepon is accessible online to members only, providing exclusive coupon codes and discount links for pet-centric products and services. Categories include pet food, apparel, subscription boxes and more. This is an important value-added benefit for our Pin Paws Plus customers since we all know how expensive it can be to care for our pets.

Purchased separately, each monthly membership per pet would cost:

  • Pin Paws: $9.99 for the first pet/ $4.99 for each additional pet
  • whiskerDocs: $39.99 for a “need it now” call, or $16.99 per pet/per month
  • Rx Valet for Pets: $19.95 per month
  • Wigglepon: only available to Pin Paws Plus members

This could cost a pet owner upwards of $60 per month per pet.

A Pin Paws Plus discount plan covers ALL pets in the home for $24.95 per month.

American Online Benefits Group offers Pin Paws Plus direct to the consumer and as an agent platform option. Please contact our agent or member services to receive more information at 214-389-9072.

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