Easiest Way to Save Money on Prescriptions

RX VALET was created to offer a new level of service by assisting members to navigate the challenges of rising prescription drug costs. As consumers we are constantly being bombarded with loss leaders, low cost promises on one medication, just to be overcharged on another. Insurance plans have recently re-structured co-payments and tiered prescriptions levels that are unfavorable to consumers. We shop and compare all national retailers and on line services to find you the lowest price options, and let you decide. Have every prescription sent directly to us and rest assured to have the lowest price option.

Pre-Pay Home Delivery

Avoid the pharmacy lines with this valuable benefit! In many cases, a 90-day supply through Home Delivery can be less than a 30-day supply at a local pharmacy.

International Pharmacy

This benefit offers lower pricing for name-brand medications. In many cases one-third of the retail price! Our newest cost-saving resource, many branded expensive medications can be shipped from our international pharmacies (mostly from Canada).

Prescription Assistance Program

Members complete a short online form for expedited qualification and requirements to apply for the income-based Prescription Assistance Program.

Specialty Medications

RX VALET is part of an Exclusive Pharmacy Network (EPN) of Specialty Medication Pharmacies to ensure our members receive these medications at the lowest price available.

RX VALET for Pets

Need meds for your pets? Now your fast and furry friends have a benefit too! Save on preventatives and prescriptions with pharmacy pick up and mail-order delivery available as well.

Diabetic Supply Program

Need diabetic testing supplies? Choose from our quarterly packages based on the number of times a day you test. Tracking information will be emailed and texted to you when your order ships. And you’ll get a Clever Choice® Voice HD Glucometer FREE with Your First Order. No prescription is required.