Hospital Indemnity Plan Benefits

Hospital Indemnity Plan Benefits

If you have ever experienced the unfortunate incident of spending time in the hospital due to illness or injury, you are aware of the secondary worry that is present. Aside from regaining your health, you ponder how will you pay the hospital bills to come after your discharge. With the continued rise in the cost of living and insurance deductibles, more people are living paycheck to paycheck. What if it were possible to earn supplemental income during your hospitalization? This is where a hospital indemnity plan will prove beneficial.

The average length of a hospital stay today is five days, generally costing over $30K dollars.

One of the fastest growing trends in healthcare today is supplemental or gap plans. This benefit provides peace of mind in the event of illness or injury resulting in a hospital stay, paying a lump sum to cover out-of-pocket expenses health insurance does not cover. While receiving the in-patient care you need to regain your health, a health care indemnity plan will pay out a daily amount per over-night stay. In addition to hospital stay payouts, more robust plans may offer supplemental payouts for maternity visits, ambulance trips, surgical procedures, or increased payments for more involved ailments such as stroke or cancer.

At American Online Benefits Group, we offer multiple hospital indemnity plans to meet each member’s individual needs. Our plans include all or some of the following benefits based on the plan chosen:

    • Hospital Confinement Daily Income Benefit
    • Critical Care Unit Daily Benefit
    • Doctor’s Visits Benefit
    • Diagnostic Laboratory Tests Benefit
    • Diagnostic Radiology Tests Benefit
    • Wellness Care Visits Benefit
    • Emergency Room Visit
    • Surgery Benefit
    • Administration of Anesthesia Benefit
    • Outpatient Facility Visits Benefit
    • Durable Medical Equipment Benefit
    • Private-Duty Nursing Care and Home Health Care Benefit
    • Hospital Admission Benefit for Childbirth
    • Therapeutic & Rehabilitation
    • Ambulance
    • Prescription Drug Benefit

American Online Benefits Group health indemnity plans include access to additional benefits including Teledoc, karis360, My Advocate for Health, Ice Tracer, Pin Paws, and Pet Assure.


American Online Benefits Group offers hospital indemnity plans. Please contact our agent or member services to receive more information at 214-389-9072.

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