CyberScout: Protecting the Identity of Millions by Providing Cybersecurity

CyberScout: Protecting the Identity of Millions by Providing Cybersecurity

In this day and age, more and more businesses are conducting sales transactions online. With the click of a button, Amazon Prime will have an item at your doorstep same or next day. There is now the option to skip the grocery shopping chore on Sunday and have groceries delivered to your home. All major merchants have the option to shop online and receive items through delivery. In reality, there are probably only a handful of things that can not be purchased online. The purchases mentioned require the use of a credit card over the internet, and with all the perks of ordering items online comes the unsettling fear of identity theft.

Cybersecurity is the state of being protected against the criminal or unauthorized use of electronic data, or the measures taken to achieve this. (

Two famous cyberattacks in most recent history occurred in 2013 and 2014: Target and Home Depot. Roughly a combined 93 to 96 million customer credit card numbers were stolen. The presence of malware used in the Target attack was described by Forbes magazine as “unique” and “custom built”. While Home Depot chairman and CEO Frank Blake assured customers that they would not be liable for fraudulent charges, the question lingers about what would happen to customers if this assurance had not been provided. Who would be left responsible for fraudulent charges in the months and years to come?

Millions of Americans are subject to a cyber attack with the increased use of smartphones, the internet, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. The advances in technology bring along the susceptibility of one’s personal information being exposed. There are many features of cybersecurity in protecting your personal information against hackers. It is designed to safeguard internet-connected information from cyber attacks by maintaining the integrity of computer systems from theft, as well as damage to hardware, software, and electronic data.

CyberScout is a leading company that provides cybersecurity and privacy to companies as a value-added benefit to employer groups.

Brokers, advisors, and employers can count on identity theft protection 24/7, as CyberScout has been leading the charge since 2003. CyberScout HQ is the first online marketplace and one-stop shop for all employees’ identity management and cybersecurity needs. HQ delivers personalized service recommendations and actions to minimize risk, monitor personal information and manage identity theft of employees. American Online Benefits Group is partnered with CyberScout and is available to help companies protect their employees from identity theft. Please contact us for more information.

American Online Benefits Group offers products that include Cyberscout as one of the benefits. Please contact our agent or member services to receive more information at 214-389-9072.

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