Voluntary Pet Benefits for Employer Groups

Voluntary Pet Benefits for Employer Groups

With enrollment available year-round, offering pet insurance as an employee benefit continues to be a hit. Pin Paws has built three unique pet products that can be offered as a voluntary value-added benefit. Brokers can now diversify their portfolio by adding these to their platform and earn high, monthly recurring commissions.

Everyone offers Medical. Everyone offers Vision. Everyone offers Dental. Who offers Pet?

Veterinarian care is expensive. Most pet owners are left paying out of pocket for these high dollar services to maintain pet health. At Pin Paws, we believe the healthcare decisions for our furry friends should not be decided upon by our financial position. That is why we have created multiple pet benefit products and that is why we want to expand even further into the employee benefits space.

Pin Paws can accommodate groups of any size and is able to do automatic payroll deductions.

In a recent article by the University of California, the huge impact of offering pet insurance as an employee benefit is exposed:

“Pet insurance gives owners a way to provide healthcare to their furry family members more affordably”, said Michael Lairmore, the dean of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Lairmore introduced pet insurance to his employee group and nearly 3,000 people enrolled.

Pin Paws offers pet insurance powered by PetFirst, a discount bundled pet benefit plan and a lost pet notification tag with an online profile to store all important pet information. We are able to offer each of these products as a voluntary employee benefit and help bring peace of mind when it comes to employees maintaining their pet’s health. Others agree as 1 in 3 Fortune 500 companies offers pet benefits.

Offering pet benefits will keep you ahead in the game and help attract and retain clients.

Jane Sykes, chief veterinary medical officer of UC, explains how important insurance can be when financial restrictions could lead a client to select an x-ray when a CT scan may be the best test to determine a pet’s illness:

“Clients with pet insurance are less stressed about their bill and they’re less likely to opt out of advanced diagnostic tests that may save their animal’s life. If a client has pet insurance, it could lead to more treatment options for our clinicians to offer,” she said.

To learn more about partnering with Pin Paws, visit: Partner Program

American Online Benefits Group offers products that include Pin Paws as one of the value-added benefits. Please contact our agent or member services to receive more information at 214-389-9072.

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