A Superior & Affordable Dental Platform

A Superior & Affordable Dental Platform

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If you’ve ever required dental care outside of a routine cleaning, you are familiar with just how pricey oral procedures can be. With over 100 million Americans not having access to affordable care, there was a need to change the way individuals, families, groups, and employers think about dental benefits. For this reason, an end-to-end platform was created that integrates all parties, reducing inefficiencies and unnecessary costs, while increasing savings and improving access to care.

Platform Highlights

  • The Power to Choose
  • Imagine a platform for better dental plans. Having the power to choose and provide every American with lifetime access to affordable healthcare through a modern, transparent experience has been achieved. Our platform provides members with access to over 360,000 dental providers nationwide.

  • Price Transparency
  • With price transparency, the fastest growing network in the country is attractive to its superior members. We have adopted a positive customer experience as a market-leader in healthcare innovation. The easy-to-use modern app provides on demand support with digital payments, reporting and receipts. Also, our members will never receive a surprise bill, ever.

  • Affordable Care
  • Our partners have access to a technology platform that enables employers, groups, associations, dentists, and individuals to offer and/or receive access to affordable dental care. It is known that poor oral care is a culprit that leads to other diseases. Therefore, making a trip to the dentist is just as important as an annual check-up with your PCP. Warding off secondary diseases with good oral care helps reduce the need to spend money on costs associated with illnesses.

  • A Platform for All
  • Whether you are an employer, association, dentist or individual, this platform is available to you. Those without access to traditional insurance can receive dental benefits, as well as dentists have access to offer in-office membership plans through our platform. The increase in recurring revenue to dentists helps uninsured patients afford oral care.

  • Customized Plan Options
  • We offer options for companies of every size and every budget. Employer groups can choose from simple plans with a set of defined annual maximum and a few services such as 2 teeth cleanings or build a tiered structure. Standard plans are available to eliminate the hassle of dealing with traditional insurance companies, and groups access is available for associations, part-time, hourly and 1099 employees. Group members save up to 50% on every procedure with pre-negotiated rates with no plan limitations.

  • A Better Member Experience
  • With technology shifting to smart devices and digital accessibility to manage our daily lives, members simply download an app on the App Store or Google Play and have access to their plan documents 24/7. With a nationwide network of providers and endorsement by the American Dental Association, finding a dentist has never been easier.

    American Online Benefits Group is ready to provide you with information about our dental platform and how you may offer this to groups of all sizes and types across the country. Please email our Agent Services team at [email protected] or reach out to our team directly at (855) 238-4011.

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